Getting published is as easy as 1-2-3 with Conscious Care Publishing.Website_Book_and_door_copy2

Either you or we can take your hand written, spoken or typed manuscript and convert it into a real life book for you. Whether it be an eBook or Printed Book we take the pain out of the technical side of self-publishing for you and get you into worldwide distribution too! With our new online courses (coming soon) we can show you how to do this process yourself and save you $$$.

If you are wanting our publishing services, we fit somewhere between a traditional publisher and a self published author and believe we offer the best deal in the market for you to publish your book with packages starting under $1000 and sometimes nothing upfront!   We make your book available in bookstores worldwide and more than 100 online retailers which self published authors don’t have access to this level of distribution which is why we are an “Open Door Publisher”.

We have several different packages available for you from a basic package to one that will get you marketed to the right connections to get you up and running to sell your book.

AND pay royalties monthly so that you can do what you do best!

Want more information then register to get our Author Publishing guide today!

  • Your book published under an experienced professional publishing company to give you and your book credibility
  • Access to a worldwide distribution channel not available to self published authors
  • Distribution through all major online e-Book retailers
  • Unique International Standards Book Number (ISBN) for books
  • Options for print or eBooks, or both
  • Print On Demand and Press printing
  • Assistance with marketing both yourself and your book
  • Required country registrations of publication
  • Media press releases
  • Professional editing and proof reading
  • Standard or Elite Custom Cover Designs
  • Website & online presence
  • Interior formatting for print and eBooks
  • Image insertion (additional costs apply)
  • Conversion of old books or handwritten manuscripts
  • Upfront costs, no hidden extras and;
  • A range of bundled packages to save you even more!

Our contract, called a Services Agreement is upfront and available for you to review, seek advice or make enquiries upon right now, so that you can compare our publishing services to others.




Conscious Care Publishing have the simplest process of publishing for our authors.  Our structured processes are designed to provide you with the fastest turn around and suitable publication date so that you can start your Book Marketing Plan and begin your first steps of marketing.

  1. You submit your manuscript through our website
  2. We approve your manuscript or provide feedback or recommendation of changes to you
  3. We provide you with a quote to publish your book
  4. You then accept the quotation and sign our agreement together with payment based on the payment terms of the quote
  5. We both agree on the target publication date
  6. Editing is then performed by us
  7. Editor proof reads the manuscript
  8. Editing is then accepted by you
  9. Book Cover is created and approved by you
  10. Allocation of ISBN and registrations to relative bodies
  11. We finalise the publication date
  12. We provide you with electronic proof copies for final approval
  13. Printed book proof provided to you
  14. Further editing or revisions performed are an additional cost to you so it is important to make sure your book is right the first time
  15. You approve the final proof copy and send the approval to us
  16. We finalise and release your publication
  17. We send you your free paperback copies (printed books only).

Should you have any questions about our process please do not hesitate to contact us.










The printed book is an excellent option for authors that want a hard copy of the book and the benefits are:

  • Puts your book in print for bookstores worldwide to order and promote to their readers
  • You can print and sell at your place of business, e.g. your own website, conferences and seminars
  • You can print a family history or memoir that requires very little marketing
  • An alternative for the eBook readers who would like to purchase a printed copy
  • Our distribution channel allows your printed book to be ordered by Amazon and other print in distribution channels worldwide
  • POD (Print On Demand) allows books to be printed as they are ordered and save the environment
  • Press printing can be assessed for its requirements as your book sales increase
  • Conscious Care Publishing will assist you with other distribution and or language rights throughout the world
  • You keep the rights to your work
  • We sell through our distribution channel and pay you royalties on what we receive
  • We pay you royalties monthly once received by our distribution channel.

Our printed book options come in a vast range of:

•    Sizes from 5×8” (203x127cm) to 8.5×11” (280x216cm)
•    White or Cream Paper*
•    Paperback or Hard Back*
•    Saddle Stitched or Perfect Bound*
•    Dust Covers, Cloth or Glass Laminate*

*availability depends on book size and type selected.




Our eBook package is designed for the author who only wants an electronic book in the marketplace. This is often the cheapest and easiest place to start as an author because it allows you to test your market, depending on the type of book that you have and the genre it is in.

You can later convert to a Printed Book, however you will have a different ISBN (International Standards Book Number) for your printed book.

We distribute your eBook into every possible online distributor worldwide.  The more presence you have the more you can sell and promote your book.

An eBook is a good choice for those readers who prefer electronic and cheaper books but if you wish to have presence in the bookstores with a printed book then check our Basic Package. There are still readers who prefer the printed book over an eBook.

Also keep in mind that sales will drop if your eBook is not promoted properly! Your eBook requires the same professional editing and proofreading that a printed book requires.



All publications need editing and proofreading to bring out their best! There is nothing worse than reading a book with spelling errors and bad grammar and when you are working so close to your book, you miss things.

A full edit and proofread is essential for the publishing of your book to gain credibility in the marketplace.

Our copy editing service provides a thorough review of grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalisation and sentence structure to make your book glean with the message you are trying to communicate. Bring your book to life and polish it to be the best it can be.

Structural editing is where the editing process rewrites or reconstructs your manuscript to create the best possible presentation of your manuscript without losing your intended message.  Structural editing is fabulous for new authors, but not always essential.  After reviewing your manuscript, we will suggest if a structural edit is required.

Proofreading is another essential, to ensure that the author and editor haven’t missed anything and the context and story flows accurately, particularly for fiction books, and non-fiction needs accuracy in content. After having your manuscript professionally proof read, we also recommend you ask your family and friends to read your Author Proof to help you get a clean review of your book prior to publishing release.

Our editorial services can also convert your typed or written manuscripts into an electronic document for you.



Your books interior layout is always improved with book images. To gain a professional edge for your book, insert some images into your book.

Typically a non-fiction book has images inserted to draw reader attention and often to provide examples of the work such as cook books.

It is imperative that your images are of professional quality and clear. Drawing images or clip art are acceptable with high resolution.

You can obtain lots of images from different photo websites such as:




We encourage you to promote your own books through your own website and sales at seminars or presentations.  We reward you by selling your books at cost as their is no additional fees.  We will give you your book cost up front so that you know what you are going to pay and budget for.

We can provide an overnight print together with an overnight delivery for fast print at additional charges to a five day turnaround and 5 day delivery for standard fees.

Print volume discounts range from 5% to 35% depending on order volumes too.






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