There is a significant difference in both the processing and rights between Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing. Self-Publishing gives the author a tremendous amount of control and input to their books compared to Traditional Publishing where the author loses most control over their completed book.

We at Conscious Care Publishing intend to help educate you to promote and market both yourself and your book to help you become a financial success and of course we are also rewarded for our joint efforts.

Our structure is somewhere between Traditional Publishing and Self-Published Author but with a much better royalty structure and payment. Our major goal is to help you, the Author, get published with our expertise and distribution connections at the lowest possible cost to you.

With Traditional Publishing your manuscript is submitted through a literary agent or direct to a publisher and hope that your submission will even be read, let alone accepted and published.

The Traditional Publishers model has been fairly simple:

  1. Publisher received lots of manuscripts for review and depending on the current work load and budgets depends on whether manuscripts are paid any attention or even read.
  2. Publisher discovers a great manuscript after reading thousands of submissions.
  3. Publisher assesses the possible income that could be deprived from the manuscript.
  4. Publisher gets full control over your book, including naming rights, editing, layout and copyright. They tie you into an exclusive contract for a period of time, often years and they often tie you into any other work you create in any other media, such as e-books. You always own your words but that is about it!
  5. Publisher invests a royalty forward payment to the author as they believe they are guaranteed to make income according to their existing business model and income strategies.
  6. Publisher invests significant time, effort and money to create a book from a manuscript which can take up to 18 months, which is an extremely slow turn around.
  7. Publisher then pays the author, an agreed value based on the retail value of the book, generally 5-10%. If the author is lucky royalties are paid twice per annum, if not, once a year! All publishers are different!
  8. Publishers use distribution channels and allow book stores to return books, regardless of their condition, back to the publisher, which are then pulped. The publisher does not regard these as sales but lost revenue. These sales are taken off your royalties.
  9. At this point the publisher can loose faith in the ability of the book to sell in bookstores or any other retail market.
  10. If the author is not a high income earner, the publisher doesn’t invest a lot more time or money in marketing the book and then sales become stagnant.
  11. This type of book publishing can be a hit or miss depending on the amount of investment a Traditional Publisher is prepared or even able to make.

Traditional publishers have to reinvent their business. With the electronic book (eBook) now available some traditional publishers are struggling with changing their business model over to the new electronic processing and selling methods.  Traditional publishers and physical bookstores are suffering because eBooks are 60% of book sales at present and growing rapidly. Currently Amazon is the largest online book seller in the world!

Self-publish book publishers are generally publishers that will publish anything that you pay them for.  Often referred to as a Vanity Press. Their business model is often designed to make profit on the set up your book, getting it published and listing it as available in retail markets. They then have little to do with you after that. As a new author you are generally left on your own to market and distribute your book. They often have exorbitant fees to get your book published and very little marketing support. Some of these types of publishers even have poor quality printed books. They often take more than 50% of your royalities after costs, which leaves very little for the author.

Authors are left alone to meander through the woods, trying to learn how to promote and market their book with little experience in marketing. Often Authors are shy or maybe do not want to become a public face on media and television nor can they see the path to market without going to extremes as some other authors have made their success through. Authors often feel like the big crescendo is over and nowhere to turn.

Our business model fits somewhere between these two types of publishers and believe we offer the best deal in the market for you to publish your book. We are able to get your book into the retail markets throughout the world where as self-published authors not publishing through a publisher cannot achieve. That's why we are an open door publisher, we open the door to the world wide market for you.

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