So you have decided to write a book.  Where do you start? First download our Author Publishing Guide and keep on reading below:

This is our general guide on writing a book.

  1. Decide on the time that you are going allocate to writing, e.g. once per day, one day per week etc.
  2. First set a deadline of when you think you can complete your book. It is imperative to make yourself accountable to completing the book.
  3. Decide what sort of market/s your readers will be and design your writing around those market/s.
  4. Create the structure of your book:
    - Create bullet list of the topics you would like to cover to create chapters.
    - Expand each chapter into a single subject or several subjects/storyline that relate to each other or flows.
    - Expand each subject into words. Don’t worry about how perfect each chapter is at this stage. 
    - Edit each chapter so the words flow and the context is correct.
    - Remember to be friendly and talk to your readers. Don’t use sayings that readers in other countries won’t understand. 
    - Proof read your book and possibly get other friends and family to do the same.
  5. Locate stock images or obtain royalty images from popular websites or your own images.
  6. Look for an author support group in your local area/state/country and become a member. There are fabulous support groups around for hints and tips to encourage and help you become an author for the first time and fellow members can provide a wealth of knowledge and great feedback.
  7. Create a writing environment, such as a special desk in a quieter place of the home or office; or at some location you can enjoy and let your creative juices flow.
  8. We suggest that you don’t work on your book without a winning plan, accountability, feedback and a support group.
  9. Remember to have:
    - Dedication
    - Discipline
    - Determination
  10. Be prepared to select your publisher and jointly decide on a publication release date so that you can now prepare your Book Marketing Plan.

Remember it takes time for the following processes:

•    Writing
•    Manuscript submission, reading and approval
•    Agreement signing and acceptance
•    Services payment
•    Book Marketing plan
•    Publisher’s editing  proofreading
•    Author’s acceptance of editing and proofreading
•    Formatting
•    Image Insertion
•    Cover Design
•    Proof copy sent to Author
•    Book Trailers
•    Online Author web site setup
•    Online Social Media setup
•    Media Releases
•    Publication registration
•    Publication Release

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