Conscious Care Publishing have the simplest process of publishing for our authors.  Our structured processes are designed to provide you with the fastest turn around and suitable publication date so that you can start your Book Marketing Plan and begin your first steps of marketing.

  1. You submit your manuscript through our website
  2. We approve your manuscript or provide feedback or recommendation of changes to you
  3. We provide you with a quote to publish your book
  4. You then accept the quotation and sign our agreement together with payment based on the payment terms of the quote
  5. We both agree on the target publication date
  6. Editing is then performed by us
  7. Editor proof reads the manuscript
  8. Editing is then accepted by you
  9. Book Cover is created and approved by you
  10. Allocation of ISBN and registrations to relative bodies
  11. We finalise the publication date
  12. We provide you with electronic proof copies for final approval
  13. Printed book proof provided to you
  14. Further editing or revisions performed are an additional cost to you so it is important to make sure your book is right the first time
  15. You approve the final proof copy and send the approval to us
  16. We finalise and release your publication
  17. We send you your free paperback copies (printed books only).

Should you have any questions about our process please do not hesitate to contact us.

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