Feng Shui Kua Directions by Loreta Cilfone

Feng Shui Kua Directions

Feng Shui Kua Directions

The formula to find your good and bad directions revealed!

Want to know which direction is best to face to bring you wealth? Or which direction is best when you are in a meeting with your boss? Or when you are on a date? Perhaps you want better luck in your educational endeavours? Or with health, or personal growth?

About the Book

We all have what is called a Kua number. Our Kua number gives us good luck (favourable) directions, which you can easily utilise to achieve success, prosperity, love, health, education and knowledge.  Our Kua number also gives us bad luck unfavourable) directions, which we want to avoid because they bring bad luck such as mishaps, setbacks, harmful people, illness, accidents, and total loss in life. Discover what your personal Kua Directions are and learn the formula to work out Kua Directions.

Publisher: Conscious Care Publishing
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 9780994540423
List Price: 15.00
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