Not Broken Just Bent by Amanda Graham

Not Broken Just Bent

Not Broken Just Bent

An erotic romance where Carly's trust with men is non-existent and sexually unsatisfied until she meets Ben who breaks through her resistance with his charm and determination.

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About the Book

Carly’s exquisite beauty attracts many men but Carly has major trust issues with them. Carly’s hard life and rejection from her brother George who never accepted her presence from birth made her life a living hell. Whilst loved and supported by her father Andrew and her best friend Nicole, relationships with men is not something that Carly chases. Having one relationship with a man named Shaun which was emotionally and physically dominating along with a unsatisifying sex life, Carly vowed to never date men again. Trust is something that Carly has never experienced. Carly is well adjusted to acceptance of having one night stands for the physical closeness and attention she longs for but has never experienced sexual satisfaction with any man. Being vulnerable is Carly’s weakness and does everything in her power to prevent it. Carly’s determination to stay emotionally and physically safe gets challenged when Ben Richardson sets eyes on her. The first glimpse of Carly on the dance floor, Ben he knew he had to have her. His sheer determination to have this beauty sets the wheels of sexual lust on fire. Ben will do anything to conquer and have Carly.

Publisher: Conscious Care Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
ASIN: 0987409700
ISBN: 9780987409782
List Price: 19.95
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