The Journey to my Life Purpose by Elizabeth Ann

The Journey to My Life Purpose

The Journey to My Life Purpose

Have you lost your direction or purpose?
We are all born into this work with a life purpose. If you take
the time to come out of your mind and into your heart and gut
feeling, you too can find enlightenment and purpose in your life.
Elizabeth Ann has been a healer for more than twenty years
and helps others gain a better perspective of how the journey to
finding one’s life purpose. In this book, she will help you move
forward in your personal journey to live a more purpose filled

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About the Book

By looking at life in a positive way instead of having negative thoughts constantly, we can turn our minds around, and feel good about ourselves in every respect. By telling her story, you will resonate with the feelings Elizabeth Ann has had, to help yourself with the tools and tips she writes in the self-help section of this book. Karen Weaver, author of The Visitor, The Wish Giver and The Memory Taker says “Elizabeth Ann is gifting people by sharing her story of her development. I am very passionate that we all have a story to share in this life, and by sharing our personal journey we are helping someone else along their path. This is a big part of life, helping one another out when they need it the most. Well done Elizabeth Ann, you have a well written and explained book of your personal and spiritual growth that will help many people.”

Publisher: Conscious Care Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
ASIN: 098740976X
ISBN: 9780994540447
List Price: 19.95
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